For Parents And Teachers

But First Do No Harm is a collection of thirteen original songs and stories written by Joanie. The CD is for parents, family members, therapists, and teachers of children not on the neuro-typical path. The songs express the humor, hope, sadness, frustration, acceptance, and joy that adults recognize as the daily fare of guiding children through our complex world.

Joanie, a parent, teacher, musician, and community activist, leads concert-conversations, sharing songs as starting points for discussion of how we can collaborate to find creative ways to integrate and embrace people who are differently-abled. It takes a village to raise a child, so it will take all of us working together to create and maintain a world that welcomes and supports ALL children and their families.

These concerts are an excellent alternative for teacher and librarian trainings, PTO parent evenings and parent support groups, or house concerts.

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What People Are Saying!

"Children were totally electrified."
- Columbus Metropolitan Library

" Wonderful class, my children enjoyed it and learned new musical concepts."
- Parent, Dublin Arts Council class

"Great show as always! You are so goofy the audience just sings and
laughs along with you."
- Grandview Public Library

"So good to sing with you. Warms my heart."
- Resident at the Whitehall Senior Manor

"That was a blast!"
- Eight-year old at a birthday party