Joanie provides a musical trip through a time tunnel, bringing back songs that aren't often heard on the radio these days! In this community sing-along, Joanie will have the audience singing and playing rhythm instruments to the old favorites, folk-songs from around the world, humorous parodies about the adventures of growing old, and sharing some folk tales as well. There is also always an opportunity to get up and waltz if the spirit moves those attending!

Programs can also be custom-tailored for specific themes and events, and for inter-generational programs Joanie accommodates children's tastes as well.

Room to room visits are also available for residents who cannot make it to a program.


  1. What A Wonderful World
  2. Moon River
  3. Blue Skies
  4. Side By Side
  5. You Are My Sunshine
  6. Que Será Será
  7. Daisy, Daisy
  8. The Sunny Side of the Street
  9. Five Foot Two
  10. Bill Baily
  11. Swingin' On A Star

What People Are Saying!

"Children were totally electrified."
- Columbus Metropolitan Library

" Wonderful class, my children enjoyed it and learned new musical concepts."
- Parent, Dublin Arts Council class

"Great show as always! You are so goofy the audience just sings and
laughs along with you."
- Grandview Public Library

"So good to sing with you. Warms my heart."
- Resident at the Whitehall Senior Manor

"That was a blast!"
- Eight-year old at a birthday party